Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Facial Expressions--Anger

Did you think I had died? Nope, just super busy. Sorry to leave you hanging after starting the Facial Expressions series. Here is the next installment.


Emotional Competency states it this way--Anger is a strong emotion designed to send the clear message “something has got to change”. It is an urgent plea for justice and action. (All of the following is summarized from that website.)

Words to describe the range of emotional anger: annoyance, irritation, aggravation, agitation, frustration, peeved, annoyed, miffed, sulking, offended, bitter, indignation, exasperation, incensed, pissed, outrage, hostile, spite, vengefulness, resentment, wrath, rage, fury, ferocity, and livid

What does it look like?
An angry expression sends the clear signal: back off, I am prepared to attack.
  • Eyebrows pulled down together,
  • Wide open, glaring eyes,
  • Upper eyelids raised in a stare,
  • Lips wide open to form a rectangle, or
  • tightly closed with the red margins of the lips becoming more narrow, and the lips becoming thinner.

    Physiological Responses

    You actually feel anger, partially as a result of these involuntary changes in your body:
    • Increased heart rate,
    • increased blood pressure,
    • reddened face,
    • tensed muscles,
    • a tendency to move forward, toward the target of the anger.

    Expressions of Anger

    • Shouting, raised voice, threatened or actual violence.
    • Passive withdrawal, stonewalling, lack of cooperation, sabotage, revenge.
    • Throwing a tantrum—a violent and objectionable demonstration of rage or frustration that is often considered quite childish.

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