Saturday, July 24, 2010


I found some of these photos and descriptions on this page for Beauty Care. The rest were found on google images by searching for each type of eye. It is possible to have a combination of some of these. Such as deep-set small eyes. I will gather pictures of men's eyes to add to this after my busy weekend.

Wide-set eyes--this type of eye tends to give the face an open, youthful appearance.

Close-set eyes--This type of eye has a dramatic, sultry look.

Evenly spaced eyes--These are about an eye's distance apart, meaning a third eye would fit comfortable between the two. Now there is an image for you.

Almond shaped eyes--These are the most common eye shape with their upswept lift at the outer corner.

Small eyes--They are proportionately smaller in comparison to the rest of the facial features.

Prominent eyes--These eyes which set far forward in the face tend to dominate the facial features. The eyelids are too pronounced.

Hooded eyes--These eyes are set so the natural crease in the eyelid is not readily seen.

Deep-set eyes--They seem to recede into the face. The eyelid crease is set back so the area from the base of  lashes to brow bone seems hidden.

 Oriental eyes--These eyes have a distinctive lift at the corner and have very little lid.


  1. Thanks this was super helpful!

  2. Excuse me, but I noted that all the examples are females. Does it work the same way when describing the eyes of male characters?

    1. Yes! I didn't even notice it was all women that popped up on my image search, but it would work the same for men.

    2. @Charity Bradford: Oh, that's excellent! It's just what I need for my writing.

      Thank you so much! <3


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