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From the website Human Nose Shapes
The human nose takes on various shapes and sizes depending on cultural background, genetics and any injury or fractures. Evolution and climate have played a great role in defining some of the qualities we have today. Every nose is unique in some way, making it a key tool for personal recognition and sometimes even an individuals’ trademark. Unfortunately, the range varies from unsightly crooked figures to cute button noses.
I recommend checking the site out if you really want to get into the different categories. There are links in the sidebar for various ethnic nose traits.

They mention five main types of noses:
Concave--A concave or upturned nose is characterized by a curve which depresses in the middle with a protruding tip. The inward arching is normally caused by an overly bulky and bulbous tip, often a problem associated with Caucasian people

Convex--A nose that curves outwards in the centre area and protrudes too far from the face is also referred to as the over-projected or Roman or Aquiline nose.

Wavy--often referred to as the saddle or boxer's nose, and is due to injury or deformity. A wavy nose will typically have a nasal bump or hump, which can also arise from injury, nasal fracture or more commonly a genetic family trait.

Owen Wilson has a wavy  nose.

Straight--characterized by narrow nostrils and a pointed tip. Angela Jolie and Orlando Bloom popped up in the "straight nose" search.

Flat--The nostrils are normally wide and flared with a very short bridge and rounded tip.

Grecian Nose--This is one I have heard and was curious about. This is a picture that came up in google images when I searched for Grecian nose. Looks like it would fall into the "straight" category above.

Button Nose--This is just me, but I don't think adults can or should have button noses. Babies, young children, and maybe some teens can be described as having a "button nose". Cute little noses, not a lot of bridge yet because their nose hasn't grown that much yet. Did you know that your nose is one of the few parts of your body that continues to grow your entire life?

What other descriptions have you heard or used in your writing that we need to add?

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  1. I've heard people describe noses "with a lump". I suspect it's the wavy nose.


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