Friday, November 1, 2013

Stellar Cloud: A Collection of Short Stories

Do you need a short story for when you're stuck in traffic? How about while sitting the doctor's office? Try out these six shorts on for size. Stellar Cloud is a science fiction collection available in print and for Kindle on Amazon.

A soldier struggles with the emptiness left behind by amnesia until he learns he is more than the world would have him remember. The earth is desolate, and only one ship of humans remains. An assassin plays god, dealing out justice and mercy as he sees fit.

Explore the outer reaches of the imagination through these and other short stories. From brainwashed clones to winged aliens of destruction, the stories in Stellar Cloud will pull in any lover of science fiction and fantasy.

As a bonus feature the prologue and first chapter of THE MAGIC WAKES is included at the end of the collection.

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