Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Face shapes

Face shapes

Heart shaped face. Wide forehead tapering to a narrow jaw line.

Example of a heart shaped face.

Oblong or rectangular face. Forehead and jaw line are similar in width. The length of the face is longer than a square face. See below.

Example of an oblong face.

Round Face. A symmetrical face. The forehead arcs gently to the cheeks and continues along the jaw line.

Example of a round face.

Square face. Similar to the oblong in that the forehead and jaw line are almost equal in width. The difference is a shorter distance between the forehead and jaw.

Examples of Square faces. Kyra is borderline oblong.

Oval Face. Similar to a round face with more distance between the forehead and the jaw.

Example of an oval face.

All images were found on google image search.

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