Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hair Color

I found this amazing chart for hair color in google images. Click for a better view.

Here are the names top to bottom, from left to right:

Light blond
honey blond
mahogany chestnut--Could split these up and use separately
light mahogany chestnut
ash chestnut
light ash chestnut

dark chestnut
platinum blond
golden chestnut
mahogany blond
copper chestnut
dark ash blond
ash blond

light chestnut
light golden chestnut
dark golden chestnut
light copper chestnut
copper blond
light ash blond
Swedish blond--Would drop Swedish

dark blond
golden blond
light golden blond
light copper blond
henna red
roman sunset--would drop roman
light roman sunset--would drop roman

Some other hair descriptors:
mousy brown


  1. Hey, I love this hair color, it really covers gray and lasts a long time. Its also safer than the regular brand. Much appreciated....

    Chestnut Hair Color

  2. Great thanks a lot for this chart for my client..
    here is my article that i wrote on chestnut hair colour for a salon - chestnut hair colour


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